How can I make sure your agency is genuine?2018-11-22T12:42:08+00:00

We will give you the email addresses of other interns who have stayed in your room before you book so you can check us out with them. Please click here to read what other interns have said about Zone 2 Stay.

Do I have to join the family’s activities?2018-11-29T12:21:39+00:00

No. The family is friendly but treat you as an independent adult so you come and go as you please. You can stay out as long as you like, and you don’t have to talk to them any more than you want to. They are not a substitute family for you, but will look after you if you need advice or help.

Do I have to pay all the rent in advance?2018-11-22T12:40:51+00:00

No. We ask for a four week deposit, and then when you get here and have seen the room you pay rent every four weeks.

Why should I book with Zone 2 Stay?2018-11-22T12:40:22+00:00

Because we don’t just give you a great room, we provide a really good service. Our service doesn’t finish when you arrive. We will introduce you to other interns so you can make friends, send you useful information about living in London, advise you about anything you need help with, and really look after you properly. Any problems – we’re here to help.

Are there any other charges?2018-11-22T12:39:50+00:00

No. We don’t charge a registration fee. We give you advice and information about what we have available for free. Our rent prices include unlimited wifi, all utility bills and taxes and our charges, and there is nothing else to pay when you get here.

How much are your rooms?2018-11-22T12:39:09+00:00

We charge the normal rent for a good quality room in Zone 2, which is between £150 and £190 a week depending on the house and area and whether they have their own bathroom.

Have all your rooms got wifi?2018-11-22T12:38:14+00:00

Yes! We couldn’t live without it either.

Why is Zone 2 the best?2018-11-22T12:37:51+00:00

Journeys from Zone 2 to Zone 1 are the quickest but even those will usually take between 30 to 50 minutes door to door. London is huge! Each extra zone is another 10-15 minutes travel time.

We know London and recommend that Zone 2 is the best zone for you. You want a room in a safe, good, residential area and we will provide that.

Do you only have rooms in Zone 2?2018-11-22T12:37:22+00:00

Yes. We know you need the quickest journey to work so all our rooms are near Zone 2 tube stations. Click here to see where our rooms are.

What sort of rooms do you have?2018-11-22T12:36:56+00:00

All Zone 2 Stay bedrooms are in superior quality flats or houses living with British professional single people or families. You have your own good sized bedroom and share their kitchen and bathroom.


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