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Zone2Stay are a London based agency who match German interns with high quality accommodation around the centre of London, in Zone 2.

Interns are always university students who have a good level of spoken and written English. They are coming to London to work as part of their degree requirements, usually for about three months. They are independent and mature and don’t need the usual ‘homestay’ experience where they practise their English and are looked after by the family.

Do you have a room available?

If you live in Zone 2 and are interested in renting your spare room we would like to hear from you. For an intern finding their own room is a source of great anxiety, especially when there are so many internet scams and varying standards.

All you have to do is provide them with a friendly welcome, advice about the area and living in London if they want it, and a warm, comfortable environment for them to live in.

We make these promises to interns:

Their own private room:

An intern should feel their room is their own for the duration of their stay, and that their privacy is respected. It should be safe and secure.

Wif-fi connection:

Staying connected is important. Laptops are a vital tool for keeping in touch, entertainment and work. We guarantee our interns broadband wi-fi access in their rooms.

A good standard of facilities:

Interns don’t expect to live in a palace or an ultra-modern environment, but they do expect their accommodation to be clean, comfortable and accessible.

Self-catering as standard:

There should be somewhere for the intern to cook and store their food but you don’t have to cook for them.

Why sign up with Zone 2 Stay?

There are advantages to hosting through an agency:

1. We guarantee your guests – they have to prove to us they are university students who have an internship in London.

2. We guarantee your income – you will be paid by us on time in the amount agreed.

3. You don’t have to be a substitute family for them – we give them whatever support they need.

4. We are here to support you and to mediate should things not work out.

What to expect from an intern?

1. A responsible independent adult in their 20s.

2. An unobtrusive lodger who has their own space.

3. Someone who is in London to work, not to party.

4. No obligation to entertain or spend any time with them

5. No obligation to cook for them or be their parent.

We want our interns and our hosts to get along and hope that you will both have a good experience. You can choose how much time you want to spend with them. There is no obligation to become a ‘family’, but we do expect both host and intern to be friendly and respectful to each other and to anyone else in the house.

If you do feel that having an intern is for you please get in touch to talk it over, and we can arrange a visit to your home if you want to take it further.

Call: 020 7263 7817

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