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Zone 2 Stay specialises in providing European interns with high quality accommodation around the centre of London, in Zone 2. We know you need to make the most of your work placement, and we’re here to help you do that.

What is Zone 2?

Zone 2 is the transport area of the London Underground nearest to the centre where you’re likely to be working. Living in Zone 2 guarantees you the quickest and shortest travel times to your placement. View Tube map

What you can expect from us:

Your own room
All rooms are hand picked to be of a high standard; it’s your place to relax.
High standard of facilities
You expect this. So do we. All our accommodation is handpicked for your comfort.
Wi-fi connection
It’s your lifeline, we understand. There is wi-fi in all our rooms.
Self catering as standard
Freedom to cook for yourself in our host families’ kitchen.
Our personal service
We’ll look after you at all times; we really care about your experience here and are always at the end of a phone with help if you need it.

Why sign up with Zone 2 Stay?

There are advantages to signing up with us:

  1. We guarantee you a high standard of accommodation in Zone 2 (or good areas of Zone 3)
  2. We know the families you’ll be staying with
  3. We know your needs: our panel of German interns told us what we can do to make sure your stay goes well
  4. We’ve done the hard work for you: you won’t lose money on an internet scam or end up in a place you don’t feel safe
  5. If things go wrong (it happens sometimes) we are there.

Our guiding principle: We only put you where we would stay ourselves

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Don’t take our word for it
– see what our interns say

What do I need to know about living in the UK?

Living in a new city is fun, but just a little bit scary.
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