When I needed a room for my internship in London I first tried finding one on websites like spareroom.com etc, but I wasn’t very successful, especially because I still was in Germany and couldn’t look at the rooms. After a frustrating search I found a link to zone2stay and I immediately got a reply back. It was also very short notice, there were only about 2 weeks left until my internship would start.

Zozi was incredibly kind and helpful from the beginning to the end. She helped with the travel to the house and even came to visit me short after my arrival to check if everything was alright and provided me with email contacts of other young people so I could get to know someone my age, which is quite hard if you don’t know anyone. Throughout my stay Zozi checked up on me via email and made sure I was okay and enjoying my time in London, giving me tips on where to go and what things you could do on weekends.

I can only recommend staying with Zone2Stay, you can trust to come into a tidy and welcoming household even in my case when you can’t come to see the room beforehand. I was very impressed Zozi cares very much about her interns and goes to great lengths to make their stay as good as possible. Any problems or questions will be dealt with immediately. I would always turn back to Zozi for another room 🙂

Helena F

I had only one month to find an accomodation in London. According to me it was impossible, and a friend of mine told me “you should try Zone2stay for them one month is nothing”. So I that’s what I did, and they were so professionnal that I had a room only one week later! 

Zozi had a solution to everything: she helped me to find a room when I thought it was impossible, she helped me when I just arrived in London and that I was totally lost, she gave me the opportunity to meet the others interns and all this was the sunshine of my journey in London.

Thanks to her I met a lovely host family, the place was so beautiful and quiet and close to the company I was working at. I will not forget what Zozi, the interns and my host family did for me, gave me, made me feel. The people I met thanks to Zone2stay are my best memories of my journey.

Jessica B

I am currently doing an internship in London and I have had so much trouble finding a place to stay. The people I am working with advised me to contact Zozi. Fortunately, Zozi managed to find a great host family for me against all odds. She is so nice, so devoted and feels really concerned about our lots. She is also very humane and if you have a problem, you can also talk to her about it.

I really recommend that everybody who wants to find a place in London for an internship, a job or even studies should get in touch with Zozi because it is much easier to go though an agency when you don’t know the City. She will provide you with great accommodation in a fantastic neighbourhood and in a very welcoming and warm host family. Moreover, the rent is reasonable for such a fancy area.

It will also be a great way to improve your English and to learn much more about the British culture! Don’t hesitate to contact, she is amazing!

Maxime T

Zozi’s Zone2Stay agency made my move to England a great deal easier. Since Zozi uses careful consideration in choosing her landlords/ladies I got to stay in a good flat with the most heartfelt landlady.

Before my arrival to England, Zozi emailed me actively on the process of finding me a room to stay in. When I flew to London, Zozi even arranged my landlady to pick me up. Since, at that point, London was a relatively unfamiliar city to me, such hospitality was more than welcome.

In other words, Zozi runs an agency based on the idea that the customer can be sure to get good service: a decent room in a safe area with nice flatmates.


I am a medical student. Zozi and her company Zone2stay helped organise for me a place to stay during my 4 week elective term. Right from the beginning, I recall Zozi being very helpful. She took into consideration where the home was relative to my place of work/study, but more than that, she ensured that the host family, the home and the surrounding area were suited to my needs. I was able to meet the host family and their home on the day I landed in London prior to making any finalised agreements.

My experience with the accommodation Zozi arranged has been excellent. The living arrangements were extremely comfortable and my privacy was always respected. The host family were very kind and always pointed me in the right direction when I had questions about my stay/travels in London. I understand Zozi meets with and ensures the suitability of all host families prior to all accommodation arrangements. Throughout my stay, Zozi did e-mail me to ensure everything was okay, so there were ample opportunity to bring up issues, though I did not have any during my stay.

Lastly, Zozi was very accommodating regarding all payment arrangements. All in all, I would highly recommend her services to any student wishing to arrange accommodation in London.

Ru Z